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Certification FSSC 22000, ISO 22000, HACCP

Food safety system certification (FSSC), Food safety management system (FSMS) and HACCP

Why FSSC 22000?

If your business is in the area of food production, you have experienced that there are not only constantly strengthening legislative requirements, but also the pressure of distribution networks for quality and food safety is increasing. Today there are a number of international regulations and standards relating to control procedures in the production and distribution of food. FSSC 22000 does not includes just requirements from HACCP and ISO 22000, but also Pre-requisite Programs, as stipulated by ISO/TS 22002-1:2009 and BSI-PAS 223:2011, and Additional requirements.

ISO 22000

Due to its versatility and complexity, which in itself combines system management and of critical control points. Simply speaking, that this standard includes, everything works in the field of quality management and control of food safety. This standard does not address in detail for their versatility, the good manufacturing practice, but refers to the best methodology, particularly concerning the technological processes of production, hygiene requirements in the manufacture, transport and storage and control systems.


The standard incorporates the requirements of the long-term use of the HACCP (WHO, Codex Alimentarius). It is a system of preventive measures (critical control points) to ensure food safety and food during all processes from production to sale to the final consumer, namely the production, processing, storage, handling, transport and retail distribution. The focus is rather on the prevention of biological, chemical and physical risks than the control of finished products.

Management system

All this standards has become required in recent years, since establishing quality control procedures consistent with procedures for quality management. Manufacturer in the development of new foods has the possibility to integrate technology into the practice of internal requirements for the quality of the product with the requirements to ensure product safety.

Development and improvement of the system -

- the aim is not to lock current status and security policy, we want the system to evolve and improve with technological and social developments in the company that this process was automatic part of the management company as the company in addition to human and financial factor.

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