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Training, courses and workshops

Training, courses and workshops

Qualified people are worth it ...

We pass our long experience on. It is not necessary to go to great lengths if you are looking for new information within the field, our instructors will explain basic principles to you appropriately, discuss model situations or will guide you to help you solve individual needs and tasks. According to your requirements we hold training and workshops of various durations, starting from one-day information workshops to weekly training involving a final test.

Who are the courses suitable for?

The courses are intended for all the workers who are obliged to do their work not only as managers and also for particular experts pursuing their activities in various spheres of business. In general the courses provide persons attending them with basic information on the management system in organisations (QMS, EMS, OHSAS and others), which help its subsequent building, maintenance and improvement.

Training spaces.

CBF (Certification) , is capable of providing training to any number of applicants within the spaces of our company premises. The company CBF (Certification) , specialist in certification processes, hereby invites you to training, courses and workshops earmarked for all those applicants who want to extend their knowledge as regards management systems, organisation managements in accordance with international system tools, conducting of audits and carrying out of inspections within an organisation and other specialised topics being currently discussed.

Courses in offer:

- Internal Auditor QMS, EMS and OHSAS
- Internal Auditor ISO / TS 16949:2009
- Auditor/Lead Auditor of QMS, EMS and OHSAS

Training courses according to specific standards:
- Risk analysis
- staff training of producers of welded products
- others

Professional courses in offer:

- Metrology
- Basic Statistical Methods
- others

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