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Product Certification

Product Certification

Why should you certify a product with us?

We always seek a solution of finding a way economically most suitable for the purpose of assessing conformity of a product with given requirements. For the purposes of assessing we do our best to find an optimum method – by testing in a laboratory, by imitating conditions of use, or by verification through theoretical calculations or by combining the said methods unless standards or regulations specify a particular method. Costs are always assessed from the point of complex costs for a particular customer, we take into account the costs of creating test samples, transportation costs, travel expenses of an inspector and last but not least the time factor. As an organisation pursuing its businesses in dozens of countries worldwide we offer our services globally.

Assessing compliance with standard:

Product certification, should it be recognised internationally, is based on the condition that the product to be assessed should meet requirements specified and adopted in advance, specified as a rule in standards or other technical documents with which this product is to be in conformity. Assessment of conformity, which applies to a certain product, procedure or service, which is covered by the same standards, is comprehended as a certification of conformity with a standard. Requirements are determined to respect the standard which may be, under certain conditions, completed with requirements of particular parties, namely under the condition that they will be documented and published in a specified way.

Legislative requirements:

Putting products on the market is associated with a number of administrative duties on the part of manufacturers and importers. Legal regulations specify these duties. Each and every manufacturer is obliged to put on the market only such products which are safe. A safe product is the product which meets the requirements arising from a special legal regulation adopting the law of European Communities and specifying requirements concerning product safety or risk reduction in connection with the product during its use.

EC Declaration of Conformity and CE Marking:

Prior to the putting of a particular product on the market the EC declaration of conformity must be issued and the product must be provided with the CE marking. The manufacturer issues the EC declaration of conformity after successfully assessing the conformity of the product with requirements arising from technical regulations.

Product classification and basic requirements for the product:

When the products are being assessed, they are classified in particular modules which specify their complexity as regards their safe use. As regards the products showing low risks (arising always from a particular decree of government), the manufacturer may assess the conformity of a product through own sources. Products having higher risks must have its conformity assessment performed by an authorised entity.

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