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Certification of management systems

Certification of management systems

Why certify ?

If we ignore the customer’s requirement for his sub-supplier to have a certified management system, certification is an independent verification of the effectiveness of the management system of various processes in the company. Certification offers repeated independent assessments by experts with experience from the external environment, makes it possible to discover reserves and get ideas for improvements. And last but not least, an auditor can also be an instrument for the easier pushing through of changes in the management system of any processes.

Production quality, environmental impact, work safety, information security, energy consumption...

These are key parameters that a company must manage. Frequently, measures leading to the improvement of one parameter negatively influence another parameter; an integrated management system makes it possible to find the optimum solution in the areas of investments, process changes or human resources management.


Based on our experience, the acquisition of new production equipment, and especially its exchange, very significantly influences the company’s operations in the near as well as more distant future. When selecting the requirements for new equipment, it is necessary to make an integrated assessment of the impact on parameters in the area of production quality, energy consumption, environmental impact and work safety risks.

Process changes

If changes to key production parameters are being made, usually for reasons of their optimal setup, the company loses a certain amount of time by searching and testing. In the case of integrated planning and management, process optimization is significantly shortened.

Human resources

Selecting, training, motivating and managing people keeps getting more and more expensive. An integrated approach can result in considerable savings.

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